Pippin is a one-year old Border Collie for whom “fetch” is the only game.  Pippin inspired this meditation while I was on a retreat in January 2010.

You drop the ball at my feet and wait.

It’s the ball I threw away.

I thought it was lost but you found it.

When I thought I’d never see it again

You went after it and brought it back.

I pick it up and you wait excitedly for my throw.

You urge me to play your game of throw and fetch,

Of losing and finding, of rejection and restoration.

You wait for my throw.

You don’t force me into it.

You don’t force me to discard the old, to pour out my soul;

You wait.  But, Oh, how you wait,

You wait eagerly, enthusiastically, energetically.

Your whole body is fully present in the moment;

You are fully present with me.

I have so much to let go of;

You have so much to bring me.

You place all your energy at my disposal,

To find what was lost;

To bring to light what was hidden.

Sometimes I throw away things I should hold close;

Still you find them in the hidden places

And bring them back.

Lovingly, joyfully, you watch and wait.

Sometimes you nudge the ball to say, “Let’s play.”

Gently you touch that which needs releasing,

And beautifully, gracefully, you encourage my throw.

I know you are ready.  Am I?

Can I let go?

Can I release so that I can receive?

I don’t know, Lord, but let’s make a start.

Let’s play your game.


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8 responses to “PIPPIN

  1. Oh. I love this. I love the thought that you must open your hand and let the ball go before you can receive something. Lovely.


  2. A lovely, poetically-written piece of inspiration. The third-to-last line says it all: “Can I release so that I can receive?” 🙂


  3. Joan

    So glad to see you’re writing. Thank you for blessing me with your gift of Pippin.


  4. Thanks, Kym. Pippin was so gorgeous and so eager, this meditation just demanded to be written!


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