Easter Saturday

Isaiah 40:28-31

Easter Saturday seems to last forever.  We’ve had the hot cross buns of Good Friday and tomorrow there’ll be Easter eggs!  But today we have to wait, and wait, and wait…..  Will Easter never come?

The Easter Saturdays of adulthood also seem to last forever.  The pain of our Good Friday lingers; the hurt never seems to go away; the anger never abates; the guilt remains.

Will nothing ever change?  “Time heals,” they say.  Does it?  Does time move us from Easter Saturday to Easter Day?  Not really.  We just drag our Easter Saturday despair and hurt and anger and longing into Sunday, and Monday and Tuesday, so Easter Saturday lasts forever.

But Christ came into Easter Saturday too: his own and ours.  He doesn’t wait on the shores of Easter Sunday for us to find the strength to drag ourselves out of the shackles of despair, to free ourselves from the anger and hurt and guilt.  Christ comes into the darkness and loneliness of our Easter Saturdays, to find us and to offer us a way through and beyond.

Some things we can leave behind and Jesus will help set us free from them: the guilt, the anger, the despair.  Some things will always be with us—the consequences of our sin or the sin of others—these things he comes to help us carry.  “Come,” he says. “There is life beyond the darkness; there is hope and joy.”

“Is there a way out?” we ask.

“I have been there,” he declares.  “I am the Way.


Lord Jesus, come into the sadness and the longing of our Easter Saturday.  Prepare our hearts to journey with you to a new day and a new beginning.


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