Easter Sunday 2010

These Easter weekend meditations were written for the Prestbury Methodist Church Lenten Diary 2010.  Feel free to comment or to use them.

John 20:1-8

Christ has died, yes, but does it mean anything?

On its own it means that God loves us.

On its own it means that God cares enough to take our sin and our guilt, and the guilt of our neighbour and of our enemies, and to pierce his own heart with it; to take our sin and let it do its worst with him.

But that’s not the end of the story.  On this Day of Resurrection we don’t just look back at the death of Jesus and the love of God; in the victory of Christ we discover the power of that love.

And the power of that love is real.  If you feel unlovable, if your neighbour seems unlovable, this day proves that it is not so.

If you feel that you are beyond God’s forgiveness, beyond his power to reach and to save, this day declares that all sin is forgiven.  The love of God is broad and deep and wide and high enough to reach into the darkest and furthest corners of our souls (Eph.3:18-19).

Christ has died; Christ is risen; Christ will come again.  He comes to you and to your neighbour today.


Lord Jesus we rejoice in your victory over our sin and over death itself.  We celebrate the freedom you have bought for us.  We rejoice in the love that brings us, our loved ones, our neighbours, and our enemies into the family of God.  Help us to grow in that love and to grow in our relationship with each other.

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