Hilarious Tragedy

Star ChartLast night we were told what I think was one of the funniest tragedies I have ever heard.  We were out with a group of friends and were talking about discipline in schools.  One of the teachers present had mentioned a UK teacher who has recently been taken to court for “staring maliciously” at a child.  There’s another whole story there, surely?  

We discussed various methods of positive reinforcement and one of the group said that when he was at school they had star charts.  When you did good you were given a star and could put it next to your name.  The only problem was that his row was blank.  Everyone else had stars but he had none.  Then at last, one day, he was awarded a star.  His moment had arrived.  He received the star and went to the chart to stick it next to his name.  But one of the boys was blocking his way to the chart and refused to move.  So our starless hero punched him on the forehead.  Needless to say, quick as a flash, his star was taken away!  His moment of glory disappeared before his very eyes. 

I’m sure there’s a sermon in there somewhere but, for now, I’ll just enjoy with tears in my eyes what must, at the time, have been a most terrible tragedy.

Any other funny tragedies out there?


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