My dear Cyber Friends (both of you………………..)

I have neither left the cyber (or the physical) world, nor stopped writing.  I’ve just been overwhelmed by work and other matters that have diverted my attention away from the blogosphere.


I have been writing but not for the blog.  Except that I did write a story about Zacchaeus for Church last week.  It will be up on the blog later tonight or tomorrow.

Hang in there……………..


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7 responses to “Lost?

  1. Um,

    How come you’ve already got two cyberfriends? It’s taken me two years and so far I’m still a bit short :).

    In Christ,



  2. Thanks Jenny,
    Struggling with the internet this weekend 😦
    nearly there!


  3. I did wonder what happened to Zacchaeus – I enjoyed it in church, thank you!


    • Tried to load up the audio of this to YouTube–no luck! Couldn’t load the mp3 file so created a .wmv file with Windows Movie Maker. YT took ages to upload and eventually after what seemed like five days(!) it said, movie too long (18 minutes).
      Don’t know how to put audio up without paying $19 to WordPress for what they cutely call a “space upgrade”! Any ideas?


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