From PressRow to Pilcrow


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This post comes with a warning to regular visitors.

It’s a warning from WordPress who host my blog (along with a few million others).  The warning is that PressRow, the theme or “look” that I have used from the start with this blog, is to be no more.  It will be replaced with “Pilcrow”.  While pilcrow is a real word fron the world of typography, it doesn’t do it for me like “PressRow” did.

I am hopeful, however, that the new theme will allow for interesting options. And I’m hopful that I will be savvy enough to make use of them.  My friend at 365 Days of Peace is also having to pick her way through the pitfalls from PressRow to Pilcrow. I shall have to steal a glance to see how she’s doing and pick up some hints.

Anyway, be warned. Wondering Preacher has not been taken over by an alien, but there will be changes.
The moth (a picture taken on a retreat) will be gone and an elephant (one I met in Kruger National Park) will take over. 

I hope you like it.
Enjoy the ride.


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2 responses to “From PressRow to Pilcrow

  1. Thanks. I tried it out on my test blog on the weekend and was amazed at how clean it went. I didn’t know which was PressRow and which Pilcrow to start with. Just the “search box” didn’t transfer. I’ll have to set that up, but I had read the comments on WordPress. It’s interesting how heated everyone has been over it.
    Plan to change tomorrow.


  2. Ian — I just made the switch, and it was painless. Lots of folks had gone before me and had noted bugs in the transition, but, in true WordPress form, the tech guys seem to have conquered every one of them.

    Good luck!


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