Lent Diary: Easter Sunday 2011

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Luke 24: 13 -35

For most people this is just an ordinary Sunday.

You and I know differently.  You and I know that this is the day that changed the world.  This is the day that death was defeated.  Well, actually it was defeated on Good Friday; it just didn’t know it until today.

For the disciples it was to be the second day of mourning, and emptiness, and doubt.

Mary and the other women were the first to discover its glory early in the morning.  Peter and John followed on their heels.  Two disciples were walking to Emmaus that afternoon heavy with grief but wondering about all the strange reports, when Jesus walked into their lives.  They didn’t know it then but he was with them. They recognised him “in the breaking of the bread” and were so inspired that they ran all the way back to Jerusalem where Jesus met that evening with all his disciples (except Thomas).  Thomas, with his questions (and fears perhaps) discovered the wonder and glory of this day a week later, and fifty days later five thousand people from around the world, gathered in Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost, discovered the significance of this day for themselves.  And from there the message spread.

For many more people, the meaning of this day began to filter through over several years and, for most, over centuries.  Even today there are so many for whom this is just another Sunday.

How did you discover the wonder of this resurrection day?  Reflect on God’s first meeting with you and your journey of discovery with Jesus, who died for you and who was raised this day.  We have a story to tell.  Let’s find a way to tell it.

Risen and exalted Lord, friend of sinners, thank you for this glorious day.  Thank you for the glory you have brought into my life.  Help me to bring something of that glory into my world today.

(The Lent Diary is a devotional project of Prestbury Methodist Church started by my mother, Norma Webster, 21 years ago and still edited by her.   This year 40 different people conntributed devotions for the 40 days of lent and the seven days of Holy Week.  This was my contribution for Easter Sunday 2011.)


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6 responses to “Lent Diary: Easter Sunday 2011

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  3. Hello Ian!
    I loved this post. You are correct … we all have a story to tell. I was struck by something the pastor said on Sunday. I’d never heard it before. When I combine his thought with yours, I love the result.

    He said, “the angels didn’t roll away the rock so that Christ could get out of the tomb. They rolled it away so that the women could go inside and see that Christ had risen.”

    Oh! What a story those women had to tell! We all have a story to tell, and it all begins with Easter.

    Much love to you and Jen!


  4. Easter Sunday is a significant day to all who believes in Jesus. This is the day we commemorate His life, death and resurrection. Just like the disciples, we are emboldened during this momentous day.


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