Rapture or Disappointment: 21 May 2011

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Well, thank you to all those who have been reading my ‘wonderings’ over the past few weeks.  A special welcome to the new visitors who have been looking at what I wrote about the May 21 predictions of the ‘end of the world’.

I guess I won’t be seeing you next week.  The subject will no longer be relevant or we won’t be here to talk about it.  Please note the “we” in that last sentence.  Those who are adamant that Jesus is coming again tomorrow might be surprised.  While I think they have a narrow veiw of the Bible and a very limited understanding of God’s revelation, I too believe in the second coming of Jesus.

Nowhere does the Bible say, “If you believe on the Lord Jesus, and work out the day of his coming, you will be saved.” So when, where and how, I do not know but 21 May 2011 is as good a day as any.

So, if Jesus comes tomorrow, well and good.  If not, how sad.  Sad for the ordinary folk involved, and for the children.  I’m not worried about the leaders.  They should know better and, anyway, they tend to dust themselves off, make a few excuses, and get on with their lives.  But the ordinary folk?  Does anyone care?  Does anyone help them deal with the uncertainty that such a massive disappointment must cause?

It will also be sad because the whole exercise turns people away from Jesus and towards us and our clever calculations of the second coming.

Fortunately Jesus is bigger than our follies, our unbelief, our misunderstanding, and our misrepresentation.  And God’s grace is deep and wide enough for us all, however far we have fallen, and however far we have wandered.  That is one thing this wondering preacher knows from his own experience.  So, if we are still here on 22 May, may we practice that grace and continue to believe in God’s mercy towards the foolish and the arrogant, the sinners and the saints.

Oh, and do keep coming back.  I’d love to have you, and do feel free to leave a comment.


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10 responses to “Rapture or Disappointment: 21 May 2011

  1. Fairy Face

    I believe there is a greater being . I believe in the power of prayer and I believe there is another dimension we came from or go to because I’ve seen my “spritual thing” ‘ which wasn’t exactly how I imagined it would be but neverthe less it appeared, univited and unannounced. Creepy to say the least so I hope that when they say heaven and hell this was from the latter.
    I certainly hope I don’t go where creatures such as that exist. I was 14 years old, one other sister saw it, she ‘s my twin and the other slept right through the visitation. EEEK! If nothing else, I feel “we are not alone”.


    • Well Fairy Face, thanks for stopping by.
      I have no experience and very little knowledge of these things. All I have, as I have said in my comments on Stephen Hawking, is my own experience of a God who love us and cares about his creation. And that love, unconditional and sacrificial, is the driving force behind the universe (the ‘why’ of it all). A love that is greater than all the other forces and creatures we encounter, including death.


  2. Judith H

    So what’s next? 12/21/12 as per the Mayan prophecy? And will it be a supervolcano that will destroy all of us? I guess we must get ready now or simply just wait for Superman to save the world.


    • Hi Judith.
      Ah wouldn’t we all like our own private Superhero. But, no, I don’t think so.
      We keep looking for superheroes, for special dates, anything to save us from this mess, to take us away from it all.
      The Bible does speak about ‘end times’ and heaven, but the focus of the Bible is on God coming INTO the world, Jesus sharing our life and our death. God rescues us from ourselves and our own brokenness so that we can begin to heal each other, rather than wait for the next big thing.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  3. ben

    No, I’m sorry, but I think it is far more selfish to want to leave this world in such a way. You are essentially saying it pointless to want to fix the problems in this world, that you want to leave it because trying to help it is vain and a waste of time. We have to focus on our world, when we make it better we can come closer to heaven and our God.


    • Hi Ben.
      I think you misunderstand me. I don’t think of the ‘Rapture’ in the simplistic, ‘Jesus comes on the clouds and takes us away from all this’. The Bible draws many different pictures to express it, but over all is a sense of re-creation. You are right, we work with God to renew our world. Heaven and how we get there is really God’s business. THIS is where you and I are and where our focus is.
      And that’s what I’ve tried to convey here and previously. Thanks for your comment.


  4. I like what you said, Preach. We are not of the same religion, but well-said indeed.


  5. Chris

    Jesus and God ain’t real, period.. For all those brainwashed people out there that think and have thought that the 21st of May 2011 is the day of the rapture, you are deeply deluded. It scares me that the human mind can be so easily corrupted, if people believe in such myths such as these, what chance does the human race have? How can people believe, pray in such a superhuman being when no prove or evidence has even been seen? Now i support people that want to believe that some greater being is out there looking over us, it’s ones decision to choose whether to believe or not but i shall let you know here and now, that what you pray, wish for will never happen, there is no defined greater plan for any one of us, we are animals like every other creature on this earth and for anybody to think that there is more to life than that, has been very well misled, we live and die like all other creatures, deal with it…


    • Thanks for your confident assertions, Chris.
      I am just as confident in my faith as you are in yours. But I don’t feel the same urgency to call you deluded. It’s also difficult to understand your confident assertions about prayer. I have said something about this in my previous post (a relaxed poetic format) following Stephen Hawking’s equally confident assertion that there is no afterlife (see my “Stephen Hawking and Life after Death”). And my next post will be something similar.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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