A Ladder or a Cross: a Prayer at Jesus’ Feet

(A prayer used with the previous post, Tears, Grace and an Alabaster Jar)

Failure, sinner, used, unloved, rejected, despised.
The world has high standards and rejects those who don’t measure up.
We feel the weight of failure and rejection every day:
The weight of those above us on the ladder of success and acceptance.
We are glad to find someone below us we can look down on;
It comforts us to know we are not the lowest in the pile.
We pass on the rejection we feel, the lack of love, and the labels we are given.
We are as pitiless as those who despise us.

But you, Lord, have no use for society’s ladders and false standards.
You have only one standard; the capacity to love, and one “ladder”, a cross.
Our ladders are made from the bodies of those we tread upon.
You offered yourself as a ladder for others;
You laid down your life and took up your cross.

Lord, we can only love when we know we are loved;
We can only give the love we have received.
Help us see deep into our souls just how much needs to be forgiven.
Help us with Mary to receive your abundant, extravagant love;
Love that forgives and heals and cancels all debt.
Give us your love that lays down its life and takes up its cross,
So that “failure”, and “unloved”, and “despised” are banished from our lives and our language forever.



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3 responses to “A Ladder or a Cross: a Prayer at Jesus’ Feet

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  2. Joan

    Ian, This is a moving prayer and reached my heart. I sense it came from yours.
    love, Joan


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