Tribute to Ross Olivier by his son, Jon-Mark

Jenny Hillebrand over at Carpenter’s Shoes has included a video link to the tribute Jon-Mark paid to his father, Ross Olivier, at Ross’s memorial service on Friday.  It’s a most beautiful tribute: warm, encouraging and challenging; a call to live intentionally every day in the light and love of Christ, reaching out to people around us. I recommend you sit still for 20 minutes, and let it warm your heart and bring peace to your soul.  If you were also blessed to have known Ross, it will have extra meaning for you.

What stood out for me was: “Ross took his own life; not last Wednesday morning, but every day when he made a choice to give all he had and all he was to Jesus and the Church.”

And the challenge: “Every day to see the potential in the world around you, to see the good, and let your light shine…to make the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.”

As Ross would say, Grace.

(To follow the link, click here)

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