The Good Samaritan: finding Jesus on the street

Did you see the beggar on the street?
No, I was reading.
He had no shoes; his feet were bleeding.

Did you see the child on the corner over there?
No, I was praying.
His lips were cracked and dry; I couldn’t hear what he was saying. 

Did you see the mother with her child in her arms?
No, I was reading the Bible.
They were on a donkey; they came out of that stable. 

Did you see that man dragged along by police?
No I was preaching.
They hung him on a cross; because of his teaching. 

Did you see the sick woman, the hungry man, the prisoner?
No, I was looking for Jesus.
“Whatever you do or fail to do for the least of these….”*

*Matthew 25:37-40

(A meditation on the previous post, “Beggars on the street: to give or not to give“)


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5 responses to “The Good Samaritan: finding Jesus on the street

  1. Thanks Peter, thanks Caddo, sometimes it comes together, especially when I have something to say to me!


  2. Caddo Veil

    Oh, this is really good, Ian!! God bless you–sis Caddo


  3. Thank you – a smarting good poem response to Jesus’ invitation.


  4. Norma Webster

    Lots of food for thought in this prayer and the relative article. I shall have to think twice as I drive down Victoria Road and pass 4 sets of traffic lights each with at least one or two people (children of, and made in the image of God) wanting alms. I pray the Lord will enable me to be a better neighbour.
    Thanks Ian


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