Discipleship and vulnerability: A prayer

Lord we love to offer you our successes,
our strengths and our achievements.
But what are they compared with your glory,
your majesty, your power?

Yet you come to us tonight, not in victory but in vulnerability.
You come in weakness, as the baby revealed to the wise men,
as the saviour on the cross who could not save himself.
You come with broken body and tormented soul. 

In awe and in wonder, we gather round your table tonight.
We receive your brokenness,
and we offer to you, and to each other, our brokenness in return.
As we touch your wounds tonight, and you touch ours,
open our hearts to the wonder of your love,
and the saving power of your brokenness.

For we acknowledge that, while we may never pull a trigger in anger,
we are made of the same stuff as every other sinner:
the same fears drive us, the same selfishness, pride and greed;
We are as full of insecurities and mistrust as every sinner.

Help us to embrace our own vulnerability, our own brokenness,
so that the fruit of your love may become the fruit of our lives:
a feast for our family, our community and our world.


(Used on Epiphany Sunday with the sermon: ‘Discipleship: A journey into vulnerability‘)


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5 responses to “Discipleship and vulnerability: A prayer

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  2. Beautiful prayer, Ian. I hope you will re-post this on Maundy Thursday.


    • Thanks Christine, Encouragement indeed.
      I will look at that. It’s a good prayer for Holy Week.
      I have not posted here for so long. I have been busy with my business writing. Blessings.


  3. Caddo Veil

    This is beautiful, Ian. The successes/victories allow us all to do the happy-dance, but it really is the brokenness that invites us into one another’s hearts, and brings us closer into HIS. Thanks, and God bless you abundantly today–love, sis Caddo


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