A challenging Hump Day (Wednesday) prayer from Le padre ver livre, on Ash Wednesday, signalling the beginning of Lent.
Check it out.

Musings in the Middle...

Give up???? Give.Up.What???

Really God?

You want me to give up?

But what?

Okay, take my chocolate…

take my caffeine…

take my books and my life props…


You’re not?

What else then?

How about my complaining about my job?

or my kids…

or uh, heh, my church?


Then what?

What do you want me to ‘give.up?’


Really, you want me to give up me?

Wait, my narcissism?

What do you mean my narcissism?

I am not selfish!

I’m yours!

Look at how humble and servanthoodish I am!

What do you mean I sound like ‘one of them?’

Whose ‘them?’

Really God, a Pharisee?

Maybe I am,

maybe I am…



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