Prayer of involvement

A bauble on a Christmas tree.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lord, you made the world, and flung the stars into space.
You looked at what you had made and said, “I like it. I really like it.”
But you weren’t content with a bauble for your Christmas tree;
You stepped into time and space,
Engaged with your creation,
Called your people into being.

You worked with Abraham and Moses and the prophets.
When we took no notice, you became one with us and one of us.
You gave us your life, and lived and loved among us.
And, God forbid, because we 
didn’t care, you died for us.
But, miracle of miracles, love conquered even death.
Your resurrection invites us to share in your journey,
And become part of your story.

Forgive us for keeping your life and your love a secret.
Forgive us for hiding in our churches and in our prayer groups.
Forgive us for hiding from the world, and hiding from you.

Fill us with your Spirit again and call us once more.
Give us a passion for the world and its people—
The creation you love:
A world of joy and of sorrow,
Of despair and of hope,
Of darkness and of light.
Help us share the light and hope and joy we have found in you.
Teach us to love.

In Jesus’ name,

(Edited version of a prayer prayed at Prestbury Methodist Church on Sunday 23 June 2013)


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4 responses to “Prayer of involvement

  1. I love this exquisitely beautiful prayer poem–the beginning, especially, deeply touched my heart. God bless you and your family–love, sis Caddo


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