Choices: a prayer (Pentecost 6, Year C)

Lord, we have so many choices.
Each one has implications—
For us, for our family, for our future.
Some choices will affect our neighbourhood
And our planet.

We don’t want to make mistakes.
We don’t want our family to suffer;
We are burdened by our responsibilities.
And we burden others.

But, Lord, you gave your disciples only one choice.
You said to them, and you say to us, “Follow me.”
You want us only to follow you.
Help us, Lord, to do just that.
To follow you
Moment by moment,
step by step,
day by day.

Break into our lives, Lord.
As you broke the flow of the Jordan river,
Break the patterns of our behaviour—
The habits we have gotten into:
The habits that control our interactions,
The habits that determine who we become
And how we live in the world.

Teach us new habits, Lord;
Grow new fruit in us:
The fruit of love and of joy,
Of peace and of patience;
The fruit of kindness and of goodness,
Of faithfulness and of gentleness;
The fruit of self-control.

Make your home within us, Holy Spirit.
Come into our conversations,
Our interactions,
Our thought processes.

That we might be instruments of your love and grace
In a frightened and uncertain world.

(Prayer used in conjunction with Choices: a sermon (Pentecost 6, Year C))


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2 responses to “Choices: a prayer (Pentecost 6, Year C)

  1. Hi brother Ian–I totally LOVED this, every word! May I print it out for my own prayer times? God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo


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