Adoration: A prayer for worship

Lord God, heavenly being, where are you?
Where do you hide in the darkness of the night?
Where are you when the birds are singing,
When the sunlight glistens on a spider’s web,
Or catches the colours of a butterfly’s wings?

Do you see the trees bending with the wind,
The storm clouds wrestling in the darkening sky?
Do you catch the lightning bolt as it stabs the earth,
Or hear the thunder as it rolls across the hills?

Do the mountains inspire you, towering above the valleys?
Does the sea thrill you, pounding against the rocks?
Where are you, Lord? What moves you?

Perhaps you chuckled when you made the platypus,
Gave a wry smile when the octopus was formed.
But, somehow, we moved you; we thrilled you.
Beyond all understanding, you fell in love with us;
Mere human creatures, yet, incredibly, you loved us.
Part of your creation, yet transformed into children.

We have a place at your table but, Lord, we are so far from home.
You are the Beginning of our journey, and the End,
But the way seems so long and the end beyond our reach.

Yet you are also the Way; you are the journey itself.
You do not hide in the darkness of the night;
You are with us every step we take.
You hold us in your arms through the terror of the storm;
You are with us as the birds sing
And the sunlight glistens and the dragonfly pauses in its flight.

Who knows if the mountains inspire you, or the seas thrill you;
But you are thrilled when we remember you;
You celebrate when we turn to you,
Throw a party to welcome us home.

O Lord, our Lord,
We can’t begin to understand you;
We can only revel in your glory,
Wonder at your love,
And celebrate your presence,

Receive our praise, O Father,
Receive our love in the songs we sing,
Receive our love as we love one another.

In Jesus name,


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8 responses to “Adoration: A prayer for worship

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  2. Joan Houston

    I’ve saved this in my folder of special poems and prayers. Speaks to me of the mystery of the God who made us and is in us. Thank you, Ian.


  3. Marilyn Smith

    Amen! Oh the depth of the riches & wisdom & knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgements & how inscrutable His Ways! for who has known the mind of the Lord? or who has been His counsellor?
    or who has given a gift to Him to receive a gift in return? For from Him & through Him & to Him are all things. To Him be glory for ever. Amen. Rom.11:33-36


  4. I’m always moved by your prayers here, brother Ian. God bless you BIG.


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