What are you looking for?

A challenge from the readings for next Sunday’s sermon (second Sunday after Epiphany): Jesus asked Andrew and the other disciple of John who followed him, ‘What are you looking for?’ (John 1:38)

What a question. What am I looking for?

What am I looking for today? What do I want out of this day as I share it with my wife? What am I willing to contribute to make this a special day for others? What do I want to make of this day?

What am I looking for this year? What does the new year bring in the way of challenges, hopes, dreams, expectations? When, at Christmas time again, I look back on the year God has gifted to me, what do I want God to say about my stewardship? What do I want to say about the year? What do I want my wife to say as she looks back on our journey together?

What am I looking for in life? Wealth, fame, and  happiness? A word from the Father: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’?

Perhaps the disciple’s odd reply contains the secret?

‘Where are you staying?’

In other words,

‘We don’t really want anything. We just want to know where you are staying. Where can we find you? Where will you be when we need you?’

And Jesus said, ‘Come and see.’

Oh, what welcoming words. ‘Come and see. It’s no big deal. I’m here for you. I’m available.’

Later Thomas would ask a similar question:

‘Lord, we do not know where you are going; so how can we know the way to get there?’ (John 14:5)

And Jesus said:

‘I will come … and take you to myself, so that you will be where I am …. I am the way, the truth, and the life’ (John 14:3,6).

Is that the key to this day this year, this life?

‘Stay close. Look for me in the present. I will never be far away. Learn to follow me in the daylight, and the darkness will be less of a challenge. Wherever you are, in light or in darkness, in pain or in peace, I am the way to the Father.’

I must learn to ask the disciples’ question: ‘Where are you staying? Where are you, Lord? How do I know you better and recognise you more readily and follow you more willingly, this day, this year, this life?’

What is your question for the year ahead?


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5 responses to “What are you looking for?

  1. Norma

    Looking forward to hearing the Sermon.
    My thoughts and my prayers go out to Caddo in her desert place.


  2. Marilyn Smith

    Thank you!


  3. Caddo

    Great post, brother Ian! I’m glad I learned to look for Him in the day, so that this current “night” is not so fearsome. I know where He is–right here, as I type. I suppose my immediate question, borne of grief, is, “How much more of this (this being ‘here’), Lord?” But when I come out of the desert, I’m sure I’ll have a much more noble question–so I’ll get back to you! God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo


    • Have no fear, dear sister, ‘How long, O Lord?’ Is a noble question that God’s people have often asked (Ps 6:3; 13:2; 74:10 and Hab 1:2). I have been in my own desert of shame and despair and hopelessness. I have no words of wisdom or simple solutions. Just a deep understanding of how dark and lonely it can be. The one thing I do know is that God is in there — hidden perhaps, but just as present as on the mountaintop. Blessings and thank you for your faithfulness and your encouragement to us stragglers.


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