Receiving the Kingdom: a prayer

Lord our God,
We cannot begin to understand your love.
You invite us into your kingdom,
You invite us into your home,
Not as servants, or even as guests,
But as children of the King.

As a loving parent
You welcome us with joy and delight,
Celebrating our return
As if we were the most precious jewel in your collection.

Is that the secret? Is that how your love works?
You treat us as a precious pearl
Because that’s how you see us;
That’s how you have made us?
You treat us as your children,
Because that’s how you love us
And why you made us?

Oh wonder of wonders!
That’s why we don’t understand.
You don’t celebrate perfection
As we have taught ourselves to do.
You don’t just celebrate endings, you celebrate beginnings;
You celebrate our smallest victories,
Each little Easter,
Each decision to repent and to believe,
Each step along the way.

Thank you.
Thank you for new beginnings;
Thank you for planting your kingdom in our lives;
For nurturing it in the darkness of our sin and suffering;
For giving us a new way to understand our world,
A new way to relate to ourselves and to our neighbours.

Grow your kingdom in us;
Grow our faith and our understanding;
Grow our love and our caring;
That we might, more and more, reflect the glory of the King.

In the name of Jesus,
Our Lord and Saviour and Friend.

Used with ‘Receiving the kingdom: a sermon


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3 responses to “Receiving the Kingdom: a prayer

  1. Widow Beach

    This is wonderful and beautifully heartfelt, Ian–I especially love the part about how God doesn’t celebrate perfection–that’s our thing. He must have known how it would get in our way, be a stumbling block not only to reach Him, but in just about every endeavor. Hope it’s okay to print this out for my personal file–I’m repeating the lines about celebrating “each little Easter”. What a comfort and encouragement–God bless you abundantly.


    • Thank You friend! You are very welcome. A ‘little Easter’ is Trevor Hudson’s phrase, and a beautiful one. We may not have experienced, yet, the full and final blessing of Easter — full healing and wholeness, no more tears, freedom from sin and suffering — but each step of that journey can be celebrated as a ‘little Easter.’


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