A Holy Week reflection

Holy Week.
Why are we here
In this holy space,
Watching as Jesus prepares for death?

Jesus engaging with his Father;
Jesus engaging with his disciples;
Jesus preparing himself for what is to come.
(Jesus, how do you prepare for such a thing?
The intense agony in the garden;
The anticipation of the cross?)

But what am I doing here,
Looking on, asking questions?
I’m trying to understand,
Eager to penetrate this holy drama.
But, how dare I trample here?
How dare I babble in this holy silence?

Holy Week —a holy space;
A time for awe and wonder
Not for noise and chatter.
Jesus asks his disciples:
‘Wait with me.
Watch and pray.’

Hush, child, be still.
Come quietly into this holy space;
Watch and pray.

The time for participation and celebration will come.
The time for action and proclamation will soon be here.
Love and life will emerge from this drama.
But not yet
Not now.

Wait with me;
watch and pray.



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2 responses to “A Holy Week reflection

  1. Thanks Starralee. You are too kind. Our Monday evening Holy Week service was a silent meditation, and this is what emerged during the silence.
    And you are right. We are fortunate to have the benefit of Spirit-led hindsight. I, too, would not have understood.


  2. Wow, Ian. You always write so that we “hush” and listen. In the past 3 years, my reflections during Easter Week have changed from when I was younger and “more lost”. I find that I put myself in the shoes of those who knew Jesus then, who had no benefit of all the passing time–and the Bible–to give perspective. Knowing how “intense” I’ve always been, I suspect that even though I would have hung on His every word–I wouldn’t have understood–and I would have been an emotional wreck from Friday, until Sunday, hearing the great good news that “He Lives!” And then I would have been distressed again, to find that He wasn’t going to stay on earth with us. I’d have been so childish–“I don’t want the Comforter, I just want you, Lord!”


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