Ian Webster

I discovered, late in life, a passion for writing, whether formal or creative, responding to an issue or a cry from the heart.  I have been discovering how to employ that passion here these last few years, and have greatly enjoyed the friendships formed here.

Here I am “wondering” about various topics of interest mostly to Christians.  I’m not  a fulltime preacher, but it is an important focus of my life, and my interactions within the “community of saints” (sinners all) is what guides much of my thinking and “wondering”.

There are many folk who have passed through, some who have stayed to chat, while others, I hope have been touched and moved on.  I’d love to have your comment, and engage with you–do leave your thoughts and  ideas in the comments.   If anything is useful for you, please feel free to use it in any way you like–but please acknowledge and let me know about it.  If you use it on the web or share it in an email, please put a link back to this page.  This is about sharing, getting to know each other, and testing one’s ideas.

The Stories I have written here have been used as a sermon somewhere, and are best read out loud.  The prayers and meditations may have emerged during a retreat or simply “out of the blue”.  Some were in response to a set theme, others, like Pippin,  just arrived, demanding to be written.

The Elephant at the top of the page crossed in front of us when we were driving through Kruger National Park.  We have a powerful message; if we can be half as bold in declaring it as an elephant is, we will be doing well.

17 responses to “About

  1. Mirada

    Hey, Ian–I clicked on “Caddo Veil’s inspired….” in your blogroll, which used to be my blog but was deleted–and it comes up with some weird thing. If you have time, could you take a look and tell me whether a legitimate person is using caddoveil.com. If not, it may be that you’ll want to remove that–or not. I’m curious, since I don’t speak that language…


    • Thank you. I tried emailing you but it got rejected?
      Yes it does seem to have been taken over! Japanese, about ginseng! I used Google Translate.
      Thanks for the heads up. I have deleted the link. One does need to clean up now and again, it seems. 🙂


  2. Caddo Veil

    I love reading folks “About” page, they’re so revealing–I am glad to see that you have a generous heart attitude here (that covers a multitude of imperfections, in my book!). And you are so right that, “we are engaged by story”–I enjoy telling stories in my poems. God bless you–love, sis Caddo


  3. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.


  4. Hey Ian! It is my -7 C here right now my part of the US. Supposed to reach 3 tomorrow and then head for 7 on Monday. So, we will go from sledding to treading water as it thaws!


  5. Hi Ian – thanks for passing by my blog and reading my book reviews (and for noticing I am South African!). I love your photograph of the wise old elephant.


  6. Hi Ian

    Great to meet another “Wonderer.” I look forward to visiting often – I think we may be kindred spirits.


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  8. Pat

    Hi Ian
    So good to meet you and thanks for stopping in at my place,I also love to write and I have for many years I do so enjoy blogging trying to reach as many people as possible before Jesus returns.I love to encourage others as much as possible and even more now seeing the times we’re living in and we all need encouraging for sure I’ll sure check in again.Oh and butterflies I do so enjoy 😀 😀


  9. Belinda 'Hodson'

    Been wondering about you for many years…
    Good to find you again. You were part of my journey into the ministry…thank you.


  10. Rae Higgins (Mrs)

    Hi Ian
    I met you at Ixopo this morning, and you kindly gave me a copy of your “treasure” story. I enjoyed meeting Jenny as well.
    I’ve been telling Fairy Stories to my Zulu learners, with my own embellishments – such a vibrant teaching medium, in so many ways. (What kind of father could do what Hansel and Gretel’s did?) There’s just so much abuse around one has the kids’ instant attention with that question.
    I’m going to treat myself to another of your stories every now and then. I read “Peter at Caesarea” tonight.
    Rae Higgins


    • Thanks Rae.
      We are engaged by story much more than by traditional means of communication. I think it’s the pictures, really, actual pictures or word pictures. Strength to you.


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