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Peter at Caesarea: I was there!

Acts 11:1-18 

A story told at Prestbury Methodist Church, Pietermaritzburg on 2 May 2010

5th Sunday of Easter (Year C)

Simon was always getting into trouble.  He would always be the first to try something new. 

 Often it backfired but, just as often, it would work out and he would have found a new or better way to do something.  And even when you were mad at hiFishermenm for messing up, you had to love him.  His mischievous grin and the apologetic raising of his eyebrows were usually enough, but the sincerity and warmth of his friendship and his fierce loyalty would melt away any further resistance.

We grew up together—practically next-door neighbours.  Simon, his brother Andrew, and I, spent most of our childhood and early adulthood together—usually fishing.

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