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A prayer of confession: our failure to witness

Lord, we have so much so say.
When a helicopter crashed in our suburb
We kept talking about it for weeks.

When we get bad service,
And sometimes when we get excellent service,
We want everyone to know.

When we fall in love
Or a butterfly lands on our nose,
We can’t wait to tell someone.

But, Lord, we’re strangely silent about you.
The Lord of creation has fallen in love with us,
And we keep it to ourselves.

Perhaps we’ve gotten used to having you around;
You don’t make spectacular entrances like the helicopter;
You are just there — everywhere.

We have forgotten, or we take for granted,
The extraordinary extravagance of your grace.
We have forgotten that Jesus died for us.

We have forgotten what it was like to be forgiven,
To be loved when we deserved denial,
To be welcomed when we had nowhere to go.

We have forgotten what it was like to be without you,
To be guilty, alone and without hope.
We have forgotten the glory of the light shining in our darkness,
Love drenched in mercy finding us and bringing us home.

O Lord, there is a world of people around us
Who need to know your love,
Who need light to shine in their darkness,
Love and mercy to bring them home.

We have a word to give them;
A sure and certain hope to share with them.
More spectacular than a crash,
More beautiful than a butterfly.

Lord, forgive our silence in the face of injustice,
Forgive our silence in the face of our neighbours’ suffering,
Forgive us for clinging to hope instead of sharing it,
For our hesitant, selective, conditional love.

Forgive us Lord, not because we deserve it,
But because you promised it.
Not because we have arrived, but because we journey with you.

Shine your light again in the darkness, Lord.
Flood us afresh with your Spirit of joy and delight,
Of mercy and of love.

Write your love on our hearts again,
Let our eyes reflect it, our mouths proclaim it,
And our lives declare it.

In the name of Jesus,
Our Lord, our Friend and our Life.




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