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Starting Spiritual Conversations

We have been working rather loosely through Bill Hybels & Mark Mittelberg’s book,Becoming a Contagious Christian.   Over the past few weeks each preacher has been given a different chapter as the basis for our sermon for the Sunday and study notes for the Fellowship Groups and Bible Studies that meet during the week.  I say “loosely” because we have followed the idea and not necessarily the content of the chapter.  It was my turn today and the chapter was entitled “Starting Spiritual Conversations.” 

26 September 2010, 09h00

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 130:1-8; 2 Corinthians 4:1-6; Matthew 13:44-46

What are you passionate about?

Of course, when a preacher asks you what you are passionate about, you’re supposed to say religious things and talk about God and faith and things like that. And I hope we are passionate about these things, but what else are you passionate about?

Does anyone know about your passion?
I’m pretty sure they do……………..

We are at the heart of the Contagious Christianity series about sharing our faith. This is the crunch message. This is the one we were all dreading. We all knew it was coming. Somewhere along the way, someone was going to tell us we have to go out there and tell people about Jesus. Well, this is it!  In spite of all we’ve said about the importance of relationships, you’ve still got to actually open your mouth and say something about your faith. And I’m supposed to tell you what to say.

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