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Engaging with others: A prayer for hope and healing

Lord, the news is bad, it’s hard to bear.
I want to withdraw into the darkness, to be alone.
To hide from the world, with its people, its noise, and its pain.

But I cannot escape.
I’m surrounded by people, hundreds and thousands of people,
A swirling mass of humanity brushing against me.
But each one isolated from the other,
Each one busy,
                               preparing for whatever comes next.
Individually wrapped in our own cocoons, we are ignorant of each other’s pain;

Lord, I want to be alone;
To hide away from it all, to escape into the comfort of darkness.
I want to focus on my own pain, to seek your presence and know your love;
To feel your arms surrounding and supporting me;
To know you and only you as I face this challenge.

But you do not hide away in dark places;
You dwell in the hearts of your people.
You are here, in the midst of this multitude;
In this swirling mass, Lord, you embrace each cocoon.

As we dare to emerge from the safety of our loneliness,
As we dare to engage with each other,
We discover you again, in the pain that others endure,
In the mercy they have received, and in the grace they have to share.
It is here, in the grace and love and beauty of others,
That we find healing and hope and joy again.

Lord bring us out of the darkness, break open our cocoons,
So that as we find each other we may truly find you.

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