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Prayer in a time of violence

A white ribbon to commemorate the National Day...

A white ribbon to commemorate the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Right-to-life Awareness. White Ribbon. فارسی: روبان سفید، نماد بین‌المللی آگاهی و توجه به مبارزه با خشونت علیه زنان است. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lord, there is so much pain, so much hurt in our world.
The violence of rape and murder threaten to destroy our society,
Not by tearing us apart, but by leaving us indifferent.

Sometimes we nurture holiness as a barrier,
to keep us aloof from the darkness and violence around us.
But your holiness is not a barrier separating you from us;
It is a gift, which brings you closer to the pain and sorrow of the world.

The rape and murder of Anene Booysens and the terrible death of Reeva Steenkamp
have shocked us wide awake.
Lord, keep us alert to every rape, every murder, every child without a home.

Show us how to listen,
Show us how to care,
Show us how to reach out into our neighbourhood and our community
To bring your hope and healing, your peace and love. 

Live in us; shine the pure light of your holiness through us
Into the dark corners of our lives and our community,
To heal the broken, to bring hope to the hopeless and peace to our troubled times.
Make our lives and our community a home for the homeless

In Jesus’s name.


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Climate Change and Human Dignity

South Africa hosted the COP17 Climate Change Conference down the road in Durban over the past fortnight. 

Whether the “landmark roadmap” agreed in overtime on Sunday will be significant or not remains to be seen.  Otherwise most of what happened seemed to involve a lot of blaming, name calling, and posturing.  The USA and China are said to be the big bad wolves.  Is it significant that, unless I missed something, not once during the two weeks was there a single mention of the talks in the headlines of The New York Times?

Two headlines did, however, grab my attention. 

The first was this quotation in The New York Times on 2 December:

“My rapist has destroyed my future. No one will marry me after what he has done to me. So I must marry my rapist for my child’s sake.”  This was Gulnaz, a 19-year-old Afghan woman imprisoned for adultery after being raped, who had been pardoned the previous Thursday on the condition that she marry the man who raped her.

I felt desperate for this woman, for her society, and for our world.

I also heard a radio report on 3 December of a South African journalist expelled from Qatar.  He was employed by Al Jazeera.  When he arrived in the country he was given a medical and was found to be HIV positive.  According to the report he was bundled off to jail like a common criminal where they apparently gave him another medical in front of other prisoners.  He was then expelled from the country.

I know the climate-change debate is an important one.  Even if (as some suggest) we can do nothing about the changing climate we can make the world a better place in which to live for all its citizens.  But these stories leave me wondering if we aren’t rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic.  If we cannot get the fundamentals of human kindness and dignity right and learn to treat the vulnerable as human beings, to treat one another at least as we would want to be treated, then what hope for the world anyway?

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