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A Seminary is Born

SMMS Witness It was a great privilege to attend the opening and dedication of the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary (SMMS) in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday.

Dignitaries included Methodist leaders past and present from around the country, visitors from Duke Divinity School in the USA, and the daughter and granddaughter of the late Rev. Seth Mokitimi.

It is a beautiful cluster of buildings creating in its heart a sense of community, space to become, a place of hope and possibility.

The Chapel DoorsThere have been complaints about the cost (over R60 million or $8,5 million), there always will be. It could of course have been spent on any number of other worthy causes. The reality is that it wouldn’t have been. Other very worthy mission-oriented fundraising efforts by the MCSA have not succeeded, but this has. Almost all of the money has come in. Why? Is it an idea whose time has come? Is it a tangible project where the results can be seen and measured? Or was its very conception inspired and blessed by God? The latter seems certain, the others probably also.

The celebrations and the service were very moving and very meaningful. I know some were apprehensive but it was not, on the day, about the hype. It was about a real celebration of something exciting God is doing in our midst.

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