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Ladies, Confused Males, and Coffee

Spar Ladies Race 2010

From the sublime to the, well, other extreme.

The start: looking forward The start: looking back

Last Sunday, after attending the opening and dedication of the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary the day before, we went to the Pietermaritzburg Spar/Weekend Witness Ladies race.

Jen & Kath: Before

Something between three and four thousand ladies and “Confused Males” (their  official race-day title) took part in a five or ten kilometre run or walk. Jen and Kath return each year for the ten kilometre run. It’s their one formal race per year, and it keeps them pounding (or gently patting?) the streets week Jen & Kath: After!after week. I don’t know whether it is the fun of running, or the “goodie bag” supplied by the sponsors at registration, or the breakfast pack supplied at the finish? Perhaps they like mixing it with the confused males?

And me? Well someone has to carry the coffee and take pictures. It’s a tough job………

All in all it’s a fun day and the camaraderie is  great. Oh yes, and the coffee is good.

A confused male There was fun for all A pretty pair of confused males

Some more confused than others


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