Are we nearly there yet? A sermon for Advent 3

Are you the one? John’s disciples asked it of Jesus, and we ask it of our day-to-day ‘heroes’ we hope will set us free — will this President fix the economy (and Covid-19)? Will this Lotto ticket win? But there is only One, and he promises that ‘whatever it is that holds life hostage is about to be defeated.’

Prepared for the Scottsville Methodist Fellowship, Pietermaritzburg, 13 December 2020 (Third Sunday in Advent)

For the prayer from the end of the message, see here


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3 responses to “Are we nearly there yet? A sermon for Advent 3

  1. Thanks Polly. Much appreciated.
    Yes, it is our spot in paradise — our little back garden. A storm was threatening, and I needed find a spot where it was still light enough 🙂


  2. Some real truths from His Word in this sermon, Ian. I like the way you pointed out why John might have been asking Jesus if He was the one. Thank you! (Such a peaceful scene in the background, also!)


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