About the writer


My wife, Jen

Welcome to my blog.    I am Ian Webster.

I’m a writer and a training and development facilitator with a passion for developing people.  I have recently escaped a corporate role as Human Resources Manager.

I am based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and am a Local Preacher in the Methodist Church.  The  love  of my life is Jenny, my wife of over 20 years.

From the left, Darren, his wife Maria, I’m in the middle, Hayden and his wife Alicia

 I have two married sons from my previous marriage who are scattered around the world but we got together for Hayden’s wedding in August 2009, in the US.  Jen was teaching, so sadly got left behind.  This picture was taken at the Rehearsal Dinner, which had a South African theme.

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20 responses to “About the writer

  1. Kathleen

    What is your reasoning that Bartimaeus was cousin to the man at the pool of Bethesda or is the idea just for story sake?


  2. I have just found you and I have started to read your posts.


  3. Toril Asp

    I do not have a comment, but may be you could help me. I am trying to get in touch with Beth Shalam and The Johnstons.
    Read a beautiful meditation you had written while there.
    We would like to learn more about the life revision course which we first heard about when we stayed in SA in 1995. We have now started a retreat center in Norway and have tried to find more information about these courses – but not succeded.Can you help us? Mrs Toril Asp


    • Hi,
      Thanks for the visit. Jim and Heather have sold Beth Shalam and have retired (at least in part).
      I have passed your email address on to them and I am sure they wil get in touch with you.


  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog to read my song , “Mercy Mercy,” about Bartimaeus. I am a Webster too. I plan to follow your blog and invite you to share mine. Blessings to you and your family. ~Shalom


    • Thanks Jeanne, glad you stopped by.
      The great thing about WordPress is that you write about something and then you find all sorts of different angles on the same subject. And you get to meet so many nice people.
      Take care


  5. Hi Ian: I am new to Blogging but am loving every minute of it. You have a beautiful family and a very interesting life. I too, was a Methodist pastor and have recently retired. Keep up the good work–I will definitely be checking is from time to time.


    • Thanks Ebony. That’s very encouraging. Blogging is a great way of traveling around the world and making friends!
      Your Grandma sounds just too adorable. Glad you stoped by and thanks for taking the trouble to comment.


  6. Don Hopper

    What you write is very cool, good work. On Susan M. Heathfield’s article, “Post Salary in Job Postings?” however, you’re completely wrong UNLESS you’re referring to “High powered executive” type careers. I made a reply myself to the article myself. I came here to kinda give you a piece of my mind but 1) I can’t afford it and 2) After reading your website I can’t help but to like you. GOD BLESS!


  7. A token of friendship

    1 COR., 16:14

    The love of God is in my heart, is on my lips, in all I do,
    So how can I not give to You – a share of all I say and do?
    I cannot be untrue to You, I cannot hate, I cannot hurt
    I must at all times show my love, my love for You, my love for Him

    I must at all times show my faith, for faith it is that makes me strong.
    And when I love and act in faith, and show my love and love my faith,
    Then all I do and all I say must come from God and can’t be wrong.

    My body is a temple, a temple of the Spirit
    Therefore I must love it so and always try to keep it pure.
    This is easy when in faith I know I have His power
    His fruits now present will show forth – so others see
    The love of God that dwells in me

    Des Squire


  8. Judy

    Well done Ian, keep writing!!


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