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The white smoke rises: a new Pope is elected

Blessings to Catholic brothers and sisters on the election of a new Pope, Francis I, from Argentina, the first from that country where 42% of world-wide Catholics live. We, in Africa, are sorry that it was not a Cardinal from this continent, but what better choice could there have been? It is to be hoped that the relatively speedy selection means that he has the support of the vast majority of the 114 other cardinals who shared in the election process.

He takes over as head of a troubled family, but as one bishop put it just prior to the announcement, “Aren’t all families troubled in some way or another.”

It is encouraging to hear of the new Pope’s simplicity and humility, perhaps adequately expressed in the name he has chosen.

May God bless him and his ministry; may God give him wisdom and grace; may God grant him courage and faith. May this be a time of new beginnings and renewed hope.



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