Fixing Education: more, not different

 First published in The Witness 27 December 2010

 Every new Minister of Education in  South Africa (and perhaps the world over) has suggested something new to revamp and fix what definitely seems to be broken in our public school system.  And every parent, teacher, unionist, and student has his or her own solution, which usually involves someone other than themselves doing something different. For more click here

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2 responses to “Fixing Education: more, not different

  1. Yes. And I wonder how we change that ‘culture’ of not teaching to the max? It seems that we in the church should have an ideal opportunity for speaking to the teachers, but even the church doesn’t seem to ‘get it’.


    • Hi Jenny,
      I guess it’s easier to blame others or the system, or anything, rather than look at myself and ask, What can I do differently? But God be praised there are teachers out there in the most desperate of schools who do just that, every day. They make a huge difference.


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