Light in the darkness

Lord, how gloriously the moon reflects the light of the sun,
Dispelling the darkness of the night.
How dark the night is when the moon fails to pitch.

Lord you call us to reflect the glory of your Son.
How dark the world is when we move out of sight of you,
When we have no light to give but our own.

[This prayer was inspired by a recent full moon and a sermon on mission]


Filed under Meditation & Prayer, Poetry

7 responses to “Light in the darkness

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  2. Beautiful poem, beautiful analogy, Ian!
    I’ve too often tried to just shine my own light (I wouldn’t have said that at the time, but can surely SEE it now)!

    I wanted to add that I so appreciate you comments on my blog. I’m in a really remote area with sketchy internet so sometimes it’s a couple of days before I can get back on line. How wonderful to pop on see that you’ve already spoken my heart! Thank you, Ian.


  3. Caddo Veil

    So, so beautiful! I ran into you over at Debbie’s place (Two Min of Grace). God bless you, brother!


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