An Advent Prayer

In a time of darkness and fear, surrounded by uncertainty and malice; 
Lord, you were born among us.
powerless at the whim of nations, vulnerable for the sake of the helpless,
Lord, you were born among us.
Hidden from the blind and the powerful, found among the poor and the fearful;
Lord, you were born among us.

Lord, in this day, where fear and malice preside, where wealth and power rule, and the poor and the weak are discarded;
Where brokenness and despair hurt us all, though we pretend to be strong;
Lord come among us again; be born in our midst.

Open our eyes to see you; open our hearts to your presence.
Take us from our comfortable spaces; keep us from the lure of power and wealth;
Help us discover you again among the poor and the weak.

Help us, this Advent, to journey with Mary and Joseph again to Bethlehem,
Take us to places of discomfort, of humility, of poverty, of rejection, both in our community and deep within ourselves,
that there, we might discover the Christ again.

Set us free from our sins, bring sight to our blindness, and enable the broken to dance.


(Written with Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, and the questions they must have had, in mind—see tomorrow’s post)


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5 responses to “An Advent Prayer

  1. Thanks my Friends.
    Yes, Crystal, Catholics and Anglicans tend to follow the Christian calendar very closely. We Methodists vary from strict adherence to quiet disregard, except for the great festivals. I tend to use the lectionary (based on the Christian calendar) which keeps forcing me out of my comfort zones but the advantage of the Christian Calendar is that it reminds ordinary Christians of the great events in Christ’s life, which otherwise go skipping by unnoticed. Strictly speaking Advent is separate from Christmas—the preparation from the celebration (like Lent and Easter) and some say singing Carols during Advent is almost a sin. But if the Christ was at home in a stable, with shepherds as his first friends, I don’t think he’s quite as strict on protocol as we are.
    Advent calendars are very commercialised of course, but I love the way they encourage anticipation–we’re nearly there; Christ is coming.


    • Crystal

      Yes, I’m afraid I’m throwing around terms rather loosely. For me, the children’s advent calendar is just an excuse to re-live a fun childhood memory while keeping my kids engaged with the events leading up Christ’s birth. I’m quite sure I don’t do anything I’m “supposed to.”

      I know little of the “Christian Calendar” (other than Christmas and Easter, of course), but I do like the idea of intentionally and somewhat systematically remembering the events of Christ’s life.

      This is one of the things that is fun about blogging…discovering the value in Christian traditions other than my own.


  2. Crystal

    I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, but my grandmother was Catholic and she sent us advent calendars when we were younger. I didn’t know what they were about, but I loved opening a ‘window’ every day.

    Since becoming a believer, I’ve mostly run in Pentecostal/Evangelical circles. There is a special focus on Christ and the Christmas story, but advent isn’t really a part of the vocabulary. Advent calendars certainly aren’t a popular tradition.

    I am pleased to say that this year, I found online and ordered a cute little advent calendar and my boys are loving it. Just another way to emphasize the great wonder of God’s plan for salvation.

    Love the prayer. Good stuff–keep it coming… 🙂


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  4. Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing on this first day of Advent!


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